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Welcome to this album of photographs of forest pathologists. To give you some background on its origin; the idea to establish a widely available collection of forest pathologists emerged at the time of the Forest Pathology field trip associated with the 2008 Centenary meeting of the American Phytopathological Society in Minnesota. The organisers Joe O'Brien and Linda Haugen, suggested to those attending the two-day tour that they might like to bring along photographs of colleagues at work, with the idea that these photographs might be shared at an evening slide show. The planned slide show never occurred as we had the greater pleasure of a fabulous lecture on the history of forest pathology by the Wayne Sinclair. Both Joe and I had assembled a relatively large (eclectic) collection of photographs and the core of this album includes those pictures. Additional photographs in this primary collection were provided especially by friends Thomas Kirisits (Austria) and Bernard Slippers (South Africa).

Where to from here? James Mehl of FABI has helped me to assemble the initial set of photographs using the application JAlbum. You will notice that many of the photographs lack details of the people illustrated or the date and event where the picture was taken. I hope that those paging through the photos might supply us with these details. Furthermore, we will continue to add photographs to the collection and I hope that colleagues around the world might consider contributing additional images. If you would like us to include photographs, just send them to me at the address listed at the end of this note. The best way would be to assemble your photographs in a PowerPoint presentation (other formats would be fine) and to include information relating to the photograph including the date and event where it was taken. We will then upload pictures regularly.

By the way, you will notice that many of the photographs include or feature people that might be considered "more" forest entomologists than pathologists. As most will agree, these two disciplines overlap considerably and some of us (I am one of those) consider the boundaries difficult, if not impossible to define. Ultimately, I would like this collection to cover both forest pathologists and forest entomologists equally. However, as a start, the project had its inception at a pathology event and for now the title of the album is probably most appropriate.

I would very much welcome comments and suggestions for this collection. If there are photographs that you would like to have removed - just say the word!! I have used many of the photographs in lectures and as teaching aids and I hope that you will enjoy the opportunity to share these pictures with your students and friends. Certainly for some of us, they are full happy memories. Enjoy!!

Best wishes

Mike Wingfield
Director, Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute (FABI)
University of Pretoria
Pretoria 0002
Republic of South Africa
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Photo archives of the Western Forest Insect Work Conference

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