Resources from the International Sirex Symposium

Pretoria and Pietermaritzburg, South Africa between 9-16 May 2007



FABI Events

2014-07-24 08h30 Student Seminars FABI seminar room
Chairperson: Osmond Mlonyeni
Collins TanuiDifferential gene expression of Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp. brasiliensis in planta and in vitro
Zelda PieterseFungal biodiversity associated with mesembs in the Namaqua National Park of the succulent Karoo biome
Edgar MangwendeSeeds as primary sources of infection of cultivated aromatic and medicinal herbs in South Africa
Stephen Taerum  -  Origin and diversity of the fungus Leptographium procerum associated with the red turpentine beetle in China
2014-07-25 18h00 SPOOF 2014 FABI seminar room
Theme: Circus Carnival
The annual meeting of the Society for the Presentation of Outrageous Findings (SPOOF). Have a look at the photo galleries of previous SPOOF meetings and see why you should not miss out on the funniest, craziest annual event in FABI!