Ms Karen van der Merwe



Biochemistry, Genetics and Microbiology
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I completed my BSc IT degree in 2010 and my BSc (Hons) Bioinformatics degree in 2011. My Hons. project was the development of software in order to visualize and filter bacterial genes in four dimensions, according to their evolutionary properties. The program enabled the extraction of evolutionary significant genes, which I then analysed to find the biological functions and metabolic pathways that adapted to their environment or needs.

I started working for FMG in December 2011 as a programmer/bioinformaticist. My main project has been the development of The Eucalyptus Genome Integrative Explorer (EucGenIE: Current and future work include student and staff support as well as updating, maintenance and development of new tools for EucGenIE.


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Lu Q, Shao F, Macmillan C, Wilson IW, van der Merwe K, Hussey SG, Myburg AA, Dong X, Qiu D. (2018) Genomewide analysis of the lateral organ boundaries domain (LBD) gene family in Eucalyptus grandis reveals members that differentially impact secondary growth. Plant Biotechnology Journal 10.1111/pbi.12754
Hussey SG, Loots MT, van der Merwe K, Mizrachi E, Myburg AA. (2017) Integrated analysis and transcript abundance modelling of H3K4me3 and H3K27me3 in developing secondary xylem. Scientific Reports 7:3370. 10.1038/s41598-017-03665-1
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Hefer CA, Van der Merwe K, Mizrachi E, Myburg AA. (2012) The Eucalyptus Genome Integrative Explorer (EucGenIE,