PhD student


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Primary Supervisor
Bernard Slippers

I am conducting my PhD at the University of Pretoria under the supervision of Prof. Bernard Slippers from FABI and Dr. Jeremy Allison from Natural Resources Canada. My research project is focused on the reproductive biology of the invasive woodwasp Sirex noctilio and how it influences the dynamics of its invasion.

Before joining FABI, I studied at the Université de Rennes 1 (France) and did my last year of Bachelor’s degree in Bishop’s University (Canada) through an exchange program. It is at that time that I discovered the fascinating world of entomology and started orienting my curriculum towards insects.

I then studied Functional, Behavioral and Evolutionary Ecology during my Master’s degree and focused my thesis on the “Effects of pesticides on plant-aphid-parasitoid trophic interactions in agrosystems”. This complex and fascinating project stood at the crossroad between multiple disciplines and nourished my interest in pluridisciplinary research that involves multiple levels of organization.