Dr Michal Gwizdala

Postdoctoral Fellow


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I am passionately exploring how photosynthetic microorganisms sustain solar energy conversion under stress conditions. I want to know how different components of the photosynthetic molecular machinery work together and how these interactions impact the photosynthetic processes and the organisms. I use biochemical and molecular biology tools combined with spectroscopy to unravel the molecular mechanisms in natural and engineered photosynthetic systems. Eventually, I aim to develop and implement custom pigment-protein complexes that will turn present-day non-photosynthetic microorganisms into light-driven cell-factories.

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Gwizdala M, Lebre PH, Maggs-Kölling G, Marais E, Cowan DA, Krüger TPJ. (2021) Sub-lithic photosynthesis in hot desert habitats. Environmental Microbiology 10.1111/1462-2920.15505