Mr Gabriel Chirundu

MSc student


Plant and Soil Sciences
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Co Supervisor
Dave Berger

The aim of my MSc research project is to assess the efficacy of metabolomical analyses in diagnosing fungal diseases, namely Cercospora zeina in maize and Fusarium verticilloides in cowpea. The data from the research may assist in early disease diagnosis of fungal pathogens during asymptomatic stages and provide the basis for the development of a faster, efficient mode of fungal disease diagnosis.

I am currently enrolled for my MSc in Medicinal Plant Science, supervised by Prof. Meyer, and co-supervised by Prof. Berger (MPPI, FABI) and Prof. Kritzinger in the Department of Plant and Soil Sciences. I completed my BSc degree in Biotechnology and my Honours in Medicinal Plant Science. In my Honours year I assessed the use of metabolomics in phylogenetic studies under the supervision of Prof. Meyer and Dr Kenneth Oberlander.