Mr Murilo Fonseca Ribeiro

PhD student


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Co Supervisor
Brett Hurley

I am a Forest Engineer from Luiz de Queiroz College of Agriculture (ESALQ) of University of São Paulo (USP). I started studying Entomology and Biological Control of forests pests during my MSc in Forest Science at São Paulo State University (Unesp). My MSc study involved the investigation of the endosymbiont bacteria of the parasitoid Anaphes nitens: a natural enemy used to control the Eucalyptus snout beetle, Gonipterus spp.

I’m currently pursuing my PhD in Forest Science at both São Paulo State University, Brazil and University of Pretoria, South Africa as part of a sandwich program abroad. In my thesis I will be identifying factors that influence the reproductive system including development and egg laying of Gonipterus spp. in Brazil and South Africa. This research can lead to improve the laboratory rearing of Gonipterus, facilitating the multiplication of natural enemies used in biological control programs.