Mr Refiloe Sekalo


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I completed my undergraduate degree in Life and Environmental Sciences (Botany and Biochemistry) in 2020, and my honors degree in Botany (2021) at the University of Johannesburg. In my honors project, I have isolated and identified some of the putative effector proteins from the Russian Wheat Aphids (Diuraphis noxia), which are significant pests to wheat, barley, and oats.

As of 2022, I am an intern at FABI under the Phytosanitation and Biosecurity internship program. I have joined FABI as an intern with the aim of getting more knowledge, learning new skills and techniques, and getting a feel of the industry or exposure to the field. And to also evaluate how my previously acquired knowledge and skills come into play when solving real-world problems in the sector of Agriculture and Forestry. With future plans to enroll for a master's project, I hope that I will get the most out of the internship and that I will in the end be able to make an informed decision for what project I want to do in the year to follow.