Ms Jessica Berry


Plant and Soil Sciences
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My greatest interest and enjoyment at the moment includes the physiological and biochemical mechanisms that confer resistance to abiotic stressors. I find myself in awe of these intricate molecular mechanisms. As humans, in nature, we tend to be impressed by large and striking organisms, usually the bigger the better. We can miss the small details and don't realize how incredible the processes occurring in a single small leaf are. This "hidden" molecular world is what sparked my passion. 

I completed my BSc Microbiology & Botany degree at North-West University and have commenced with my BScHons in Plant and Soil sciences at the University of Pretoria in FABI.

For my honours project I will be looking into the effects of heat stress on floral meristem formation and development in Helianthus annuus Lseedlings. This study intends to focus on the long-term impact of this heat stress early during floral meristem formation and its expression in floral traits such as stigma receptivity, flower timing as well as the timing of anthesis.