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Primary Supervisor
Albe van der Merwe

Co Supervisor
Bridget Crampton

I obtained BSc. Agric (Plant Production) degree in 2015 from University of Venda, Department of Plant Production. My research project was titled: Pathogenicity of Lasiodiplodia species isolated from Sclerocarya birrea in Mangifera indica.

In 2016 I joined FABI, where I'm pursuing MSc. in Plant Science under Primary Supervision of Dr. Albe van der Merwe. My research project involves genetic manipulation of the mating system in Chrysoporthe austroafricana. This fungus is one of the most destructive pathogen of commercially grown Eucalyptus species in Southern Africa. This study is aimed at identifying mating-type genes through the knockout of pathogenic genes of C. austroafricana. Additionally, the knockout transformants will be tested for their pathogenicity on eucalyptus seedlings. This can assist in finding alternative solutions towards improving the resistance of Eucalyptus against this destructive pathogen.