1 Jul 2022

Beetles, bugs, and Mac trees

Four “Madmacs” from the Macadamia Protection Programme recently visited various macadamia orchards located on the KwaZulu-Natal South coast.

30 Jun 2022

Students attend the 33rd SANSOR Congress

Several FABI students attended the recent 33rd SANSOR Congress in Cape Town.

29 Jun 2022

FABIan nominated to join the board of the International Sunflower Association

FABIan Dr Nicky Creux was nominated as a member of the ISA board at the recent International Sunflower Conference held in Serbia.

28 Jun 2022

Rosellinia necatrix – We are onto you!

Three ARP members recently completed a field trip aimed to collect Rosellinia necatrix samples from avocado orchards in the Mpumalanga province.

28 Jun 2022

FABIan wins runner-up poster award at the International Sunflower Conference in Serbia

FABI PhD student, Phrasia Mapfumo, won the runner-up poster award at the 20th International Sunflower Conference in Serbia

27 Jun 2022

FABI attends the 20th International Sunflower Conference in Serbia

Two FABIans recently attended the 20th International Sunflower Conference in Serbia.

21 Jun 2022

New MoU signed between FABI and Research Institute of Fast Growing Trees in China

FABI celebrated a 17-year partnership with the Chinese Academy of Forestry’s Research Institute of Fast Growing Trees at a virtual signing of a new five-year MoU on 10 June.

20 Jun 2022

Can you sense how I stink?

FABI and CEFIM recently collaborated to test "e-noses" to detect Two-spotted stink bugs, a major pest of Macadamia.

14 Jun 2022

Hooray for a pine needle fungal isolation jamboree!

Recently a few members of the TPCP team, together with Colombian collaborator, Dr Carlos Rodas, engaged in a fungal isolation workshop.

11 Jun 2022

Dr Carlos Rodas examines Western Cape disease problems

Dr Carlos Rodas, long-time FABI collaborator arrived in South Africa early in May and travelled to the western Cape to inspect various tree disease problems that FABI works on.

8 Jun 2022

The GRP extension team completes a maize ear rot survey in the Eastern Cape

The Grain Research Program (GRP) team embarked on a field trip to survey for ear rots at maize farms across the Eastern Cape Province

3 Jun 2022

Neriman Yilmaz attends the 13th Conference of the World Mycotoxin Forum

FABI Senior Postdoctoral Fellow, Dr. Neriman Yilmaz attended the 13th Conference of the World Mycotoxin Forum in Parma, Italy.

2 Jun 2022

NGRP Team visits CropWatch Africa at Komatipoort

On 17-18 May, the FABI Grain Research Programme (GRP) extension team visited a FABI-CropWatch Africa sentinel plot in Komatipoort.

1 Jun 2022

Jane Chepsergon celebrates the successful completion of her PhD

Congratulations to Jane Chepsergon on successfully completing her PhD!

31 May 2022

Microbes from extreme environments discussed at the FABI International Seminar Series

Dr Claudia Coleine presented a fascinating talk “Microbiomes from extreme environments: challenges to thrive in the most prohibitive conditions” at the May FABI International Seminar.

31 May 2022

Ethiopian researchers visit FABI, ICFR and local forestry companies

Researchers from EEFRI visited FABI, the ICFR and several forestry companies on a recent two week long trip research trip to SA.

30 May 2022

TPCP Symposium returns to an in-person event

The 33rd annual meeting of TPCP and CPHB was held as an in-person meeting at Future Africa on the University of Pretoria’s Innovation Africa @UP Campus.

26 May 2022

Grain Research Program (GRP) talk science at NAMPO 2022

The Crop Floral Biology and Environments research team attended the NAMPO Harvest Day expo recently where they engage with the public and stake holders.

25 May 2022

TechWomen fellow Flora Adachi Asibe spends seven-week internship at FABI

Flora Asibe, a PhD student from IITA, Nigeria completed a TechWomen fellowship at FABI.

24 May 2022

NGRP hosts its first research day

On 9 May the National Grain Research Programme hosted its first research day at the University of Pretoria’s Future Africa campus.

13 May 2022

FABI students and staff shine at Bio2022 Conference

FABI shone at the recent South African Society for Bioinformatics and the South African Genetics Society's first joint hybrid conference.

12 May 2022

Up&Out welcomed to FABI

On 21 April, the FABI TREE House welcomed special guests Up&Out for its last session.

11 May 2022

The most destructive citrus pathogen highlighted in the FABI International Seminar Series

Plant virologist Dr Svetlana Folimonova was this month's guest speaker in the popular FABI International Seminar Series

5 May 2022

Catch me if you can!

PhD candidate Elisa Pal from the MaPP conducted a field trial using traps baited with stink bug pheremones - the first time this has been done in SA.

4 May 2022

Prof. Mike Wingfield receives an Honorary Doctorate from the University of the Free State

FABI Founding Director, Prof. Mike Wingfield was awarded an Honorary DSc degree from the University of the Free State during their April graduation ceremony.

28 Apr 2022

Botswana University of Agriculture and Natural Resources delegation visits FABI

FABI and the Department of Animal Sciences at the University of Pretoria hosted a delegation of academics from the Botswana University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (BUAN).

26 Apr 2022

Bird's eye view to monitor the Eucalyptus snout beetle

The Remote Sensing of Plant Health Satellite Lab in FABI has established an innovative project using UAVs to detect and monitor the Eucalyptus snout beetle.

25 Apr 2022

Easter tea at FABI

FABI’s traditional monthly Tea party returned on 20 April after a 26-month COVID-induced hiatus.

25 Apr 2022

Pathogenicity trials season opens!

Four members of the Macadamia Protection Programme in FABI, visited Nseleni nursery in Richards Bay in KwaZulu-Natal during a three day fieldtrip.

20 Apr 2022

GRP extension trips: where to from here?

Two GRP extension teams visited the Eastern Cape and Free State Provinces during February and March to collect samples for numerous research projects.

19 Apr 2022

Cobus Visagie visits Cranfield University and attends the 125th British Mycological Society meeting

Professor Cobus Visagie recently visited Prof. Naresh Magan and Dr Angel Medina-Vaya at the Cranfield Soil and Agrifood Institute.

8 Apr 2022

SASSB Webinar examines the ‘Dinosaurs of Darkness’

This month’s SASSB Webinar on 7 April had as the keynote speaker Prof. Jonah Chioniere of the Evolutionary Studies Institute at the University of the Witwatersrand.

6 Apr 2022

The root fungus Ganoderma attracts the attention of young eyes

During an after-school walk, Luna Visagie (4,5 years old), daughter of FABIans Dr Neriman Yilmaz and Prof. Cobus Visagie, spotted an impressive bracket fungus growing from the stem of a large Karee tree.

5 Apr 2022

Functional ecology of forest diseases discussed at the March FABI International Seminar

The guest presenter at the March FABI International Seminar was Dr Jonas Oliva, a researcher in the Department of Crop and Forest Science at the University of Lleida, Spain.

4 Apr 2022

A FABI visit to Hexagon Bio

Professors Brenda Wingfield and Mike Wingfield had the opportunity to visit Hexagon Bio situated in the Menlo Parks Labs campus south of San Francisco.

31 Mar 2022

Teamwork makes quick work of inoculations

Earlier this month, a wonderful team of FABIans helped inoculate around 1200 pine trees with Fusarium circinatum as part of a research trial for Sappi.