15 May 2024

35th SANSOR Congress – connect, collaborate and create change

Prof. Dave Berger attended the 35th SANSOR Congress which was held recently in the Cape.

13 May 2024

The power of partnerships demonstrated at #TPCP2024

The Tree Protection Co-operative Programme (TPCP) in FABI celebrated its 35th Annual Meeting at the University of Pretoria’s (UP) Future Africa Campus on 7-8 May.

9 May 2024

FABI hosts eLife Senior Editor at publishing workshop

Dr Nicky Creux and the FABI social media team hosted a hybrid Publishing Workshop in partnership with eLife on 8 May.

8 May 2024

Two new Wattle pests detected

Two new pests of Wattle (Acacia mearnsii) plantation trees have been detected by the TPCP field extension and diagnostic services.

2 May 2024

BUAN delegation visits UP and FABI

FABI hosted a delegation of four senior representative of the Botswana University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (BUAN).

26 Apr 2024

Eighteen new mentorship students welcomed in the CPHB-FABI Mentorship Program for 2024

Eighteen undergraduate students have joined the 2024 CPHB-FABI Mentorship Programme.

23 Apr 2024

FABIans attend EPN conference in Spain

FABIans Prof. Brett Hurley and Innocent Rakubu attended a congress in Spain to celebrate a century of the discovery of Steinernema kraussei Steiner.

22 Apr 2024

Congratulations Firehiwot!

FABI congratulates Dr Firehiwot Eshetu on the successful completion of her PhD degree.

19 Apr 2024

FABIans celebrate Jackie Robinson Day

Some 60 FABIans gathered at the University of Pretoria’s LC de Villiers sports campus on the afternoon of 15 April to celebrate Jackie Robinson Day.

19 Apr 2024

Using art as a gateway to systems thinking, biomedical careers and health equity

Dr Jeb Owen presented an interesting and thought-provoking seminar “Using art to scaffold systems thinking and biomedical career pathways in young learners” at FABI’s Monday Morning Meeting.

12 Apr 2024

Nature Africa highlights novel research conducted at FABI on Sirex egg activation

The newly-developed Sirex egg activation technique, developed by FABI researchers, is highlighted in a news item by Nature Africa.

10 Apr 2024

The 3rd Annual Research Day of the NGRP Day held in Bloemfontein

A group of 14 FABI-UP students and staff members attended the National Grain Research programme's 3rd Annual Research Day.

9 Apr 2024

FSA webinar celebrates the International Day of Forests

Forestry South Africa hosted a webinar with the theme “Looking to the future” in celebration of the International Day of Forests.

9 Apr 2024

Isolation jamboree for Elsinoe masingae, a new pathogen of Eucalyptus in South Africa

On 19 March, a group of FABI postgraduate students participated in an isolation jamboree for Elsinoe masingae.

5 Apr 2024

Easter Tea fun at FABI

The FABI Social Club went all-out to ensure the Easter Tea on 4 April was a resounding success.

2 Apr 2024

Fungal network strengthened by a visit to the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Dr Neriman Yilmaz and Prof. Brenda Wingfield recently had the privilege of touring Prof. Anne Pringle’s laboratory at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

28 Mar 2024

Molecular breeding highlighted at the SA Plant Breeding Symposium

FABIans Prof. Zander Myburg and Prof. Dave Berger presented at the recently concluded 15th Southern African Plant Breeding Symposium

26 Mar 2024

FABians visit central Vietnam to search for a potential biocontrol agent for PSHB

Two FABI researchers returned to central Vietnam to collect material from trees infested by PSHB with the objective of finding, identifying, rearing and testing natural enemies.

25 Mar 2024

Exciting exploration at the University of Pretoria's Natural and Agricultural Sciences open day

FABI showcased ground-breaking research in biocontrol methods and offered valuable insights into plant pathology at the recent NAS Open Day.

19 Mar 2024

FABI at the 32nd Fungal Genetics Conference

FABI was well represented at the 32nd Fungal Genetics Conference at the Asilomar Conference Centre on the Monterey Peninsula during the week of 11 March.

18 Mar 2024

Congratulations to FABI's first Physics PhD graduate, Bertus van Heerden!

Congratulations to Bertus van Heerden on the successful completion of his PhD.

15 Mar 2024

FABI and FAO co-host a webinar on Forest Health and Wildlife

FABI’s Prof. Brett Hurley and Dr Mesfin Gossa and FAO’s Dr Shiroma Sathyapala and Natalia Cano organised a FISNA-hosted webinar titled “Forest Health & Wildlife: behaviour and effect of forest-damaging mammals”.

14 Mar 2024

Pursuing Cypress canker questions with California collaborators

As part of their sabbatical research in the USA, FABI Professors Mike and Brenda Wingfield were joined by team members Dr Janneke Aylward and Dr Nam Pham to observe and sample Seiridium canker on Monterey Cypress trees.

11 Mar 2024

The GRP@FABI visits the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa

The FABI Grain Research Programme Pest and Disease Extension and Diagnostics Clinic visited the maize and soybean trial plots in the Ngqeleni and Mthatha areas in the Eastern Cape Province.

5 Mar 2024

Easter Tea fun at FABI

The FABI Social Club went all-out to ensure the Easter Tea on the morning of 4 April was a resounding success.

4 Mar 2024

Prof. André Drenth engages with FABI researchers on the Institute’s future

Professor Dr André Drenth, from the Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation, University of Queensland, visited FABI recently.

21 Feb 2024

Online webinar celebrates International Day of Women and Girls in Science: IUFRO Forest Health Division 7 leads the way

IUFRO's Forest Health Division 7 recently hosted a three-day online webinar series to commemorate the United Nations International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

20 Feb 2024

New Interns welcomed

FABI welcomed eight new interns to the Institute.

20 Feb 2024

Plant Genomics and Evolution Symposium presented at FABI

FABI and the Department of Biochemistry, Genetics and Microbiology hosted a Plant Genomics and Evolution Symposium on 13 February.

20 Feb 2024

In search of Florida Cryphonectriaceae

Professors Mike and Brenda Wingfield, along with Dr Nam Pham, have been surveying Eucalyptus trees while at the University of Florida.

14 Feb 2024

FABIans shine at SASPP 2024

FABIans made a significant contribution to the recent SASPP biennial congress in the eastern Free State.

13 Feb 2024

Julia Candotti successfully completes her PhD studies

Congratulations to Julia Candotti on becoming the fourth FABIan to successfully complete their PhD studies this year.

13 Feb 2024

A stimulating visit from a leading plant pathologist, Prof. Eva Stukenbrock

The Department of Plant and Soil Sciences and FABI were delighted to again co‑host Professor Eva Stukenbrock during her recent visit.

12 Feb 2024

A sabbatical in the USA gets going

Professors Mike and Brenda Wingfield recently embarked on a six-month sabbatical in the USA, based at the University of Florida.

5 Feb 2024

Aufweidersein Katrin

FABI said a sad goodbye to Dr Katrin Fitza at an informal farewell function in the FABI courtyard on 18 January.

2 Feb 2024

Prof. Dan Bebber discusses global crop pest and pathogen risks at a FABI special seminar

Professor Dan Bebber of the University of Exeter presented a special seminar in FABI.