Mr Sydney Sithole

MSc student


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Primary Supervisor
Albe van der Merwe

Co Supervisor
Emma Steenkamp

Filamentous fungi produce small molecular weight compounds called secondary metabolites. These compounds are limited to a specific genus. They provide various functions beneficial to the producer. Many agricultural chemicals are also natural products-derived (secondary metabolites). Despite their vast benefits, secondary metabolites have been documented to play a role in pathogenicity and or virulence in various plant host.

Chrysoporthe is a recently described genus. Species within this genus causes canker to most of its hosts, including Eucalyptus spp. Information pertaining to secondary metabolites in Chrysoporthe spp. is largely lacking. Thus, the aim of my study (MSc project) is to characterize three Chrysoporthe species, C austroafricana, C. Cubensis, and C. deuterocubensis, according to their secondary metabolites gene clusters and to profile the expression level of specific genes within them.