Mr Christopher Marais

MSc student


Centre for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
Short CV
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Research Profiles

Primary Supervisor
Zander Myburg

I did my undergraduate degree with majors in Human genetics, Psychology, and Physiology. My honours degree in bioinformatics encompassed a research project focusing on variant discovery in the Pine metagenomes for use in SNP-chip sequencing technology. Thereafter I started an MIT degree in Big Data Science aimed at developing skills and techniques for analysis of data in the bio-economy and specifically the tree agricultural industry of South Africa. The aim is to further improve my understanding of the implementation of AI and machine learning techniques on genomic data.

My current research Project at FMG is concerned with transferring valuable functional gene annotations and gene-gene interactions from the well studied Arabidopsis thaliana genome to the more complex and less well studied Eucalyptus grandis genome. The aim of the project is to explore unique ways of transferring such information by leveraging cutting edge machine learning techniques as an alternative to homology based methods of information transfer. The current approach under investigation is one based on aligning knowledge graph embeddings of the known gene networks in the two species.

MIT Big Data science (2019-2020) - University of Pretoria

BScHons Bioinformatics (2018) - University of Pretoria

BSc Human Genetics, Psychology and physiology (2014-2017) - University of Pretoria

Export to RIS
Jackson C, Christie N, Reynolds SM, Marais GC, Tii-kuzu Y, Caballero M, Kampman T, Visser EA, Naidoo S, Kain D, Whetten RW, Isik F, Wegrzyn J, Hodge GR, Acosta JJ, Myburg AA. (2021) A genome- wide SNP genotyping resource for tropical pine tree species. Molecular Ecology Resources 10.1111/1755-0998.13484 PDF