FABI Events

2015-02-02 12h00 Special Seminar FABI seminar room File

Dr Adam Kenchy - Approximate Bayesian Computation: a useful approach for inferring population history from genetic data

2015-02-04  Microscopy Course FABI microscope room

This course for first-time users of the microscopes and new students will run for three 2-hour sessions on 4 February 2015. It is only for FABI students. If you want to attend, please fill in your name on the list on the board outside the microscope room, next to the time slot of your choice. For further details, please contact Angelica Marsberg (Angelica.Marsberg@fabi.up.ac.za).

2015-02-05 08h30 Student Seminars FABI seminar room
Chairperson: David Read
Darryl Herron - Hiding in plain site
Alain Misse - Genetic diversity and population structure of Ceratocystis tsitsikammensis in the Garden Route National Park of South Africa
Phathie Sibanda - Functional analysis of quorum sensing systems in Pantoea ananatis
Johan van der Linde - Cyrtogenius africus, its phoretic mites and novel ophiostomatoid partners: The final blow leading to Euphorbia ingens die-offs

New Publications

Exporting to RIS
Lee DH, Roux J, Wingfield BD, Wingfield MJ. (2015) Variation in growth rates and aggressiveness of naturally occurring self-fertile and self-sterile isolates of the wilt pathogen Ceratocystis albifundus. Plant Pathology 10.1111/ppa.12349
Aylward J, Dreyer LL, Steenkamp ET, Wingfield MJ, Roets F. (2015) Long-distance dispersal and recolonization of a fire-destroyed niche by a mite-associated fungus. Fungal Biology 10.1016/j.funbio.2014.12.010
Fourie A, Wingfield MJ, Wingfield BD, Barnes I. (2015) Molecular markers delimit cryptic species in Ceratocystis sensu stricto. Mycological Progress 14(1):1-18. 10.1007/s11557-014-1020-0 PDF
Yin M, Duong TA, Wingfield MJ, Zhou X, De Beer ZW. (2015) Taxonomy and phylogeny of the Leptographium procerum complex, including L. sinense sp. nov. and L. longiconidiophorum sp. nov. Antonie van Leeuwenhoek 107(2):547-563. 10.1007/s10482-014-0351-9