IUFRO WP 7.03.16 Mentoring Program

In early 2022 the WP 7.03.16 will host three symposia highlighting the work of graduate students in the disciplines of Behavioural and Chemical Ecology of forest insects. The first symposium will be focussed on the regions of Europe and Africa, the second on the regions of North and South / Central America, and the third on the regions of Asia and Oceania. The symposia will occur virtually and are open to everyone to attend; however, only students will present their work. Talks will be pre-recorded and submitted in advance of each symposia for judging. The top three from each region will be presented for a total of six student presentations per symposia. The best talk from each region (i.e., two will be selected from each symposia) will be recognized and our goal is to offer financial assistance to each winner to attend the IUFRO All-Division 7 meeting in 2022 in Portugal where the winners will present their talks in a symposium highlighting student research in the working party.


Please fill in the registration form on the left menu of this page if you are interested in joining the symposia as a viewer or a presenter. After registration you will be contacted by email with a link to attend each symposium.


24th of January 2022

Europe and Africa session

12.00 UTC


21st of February 2022

North, Central and South America

18.00 UTC


28th of March 2022

Asia and Oceania session

04.00 UTC

Registration information

Please fill in the registration form below if you are interested in participating in the webinars. After registration you will receive a confirmation email with a link to attend the seminars. Please also check your junk mail folder. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please notify Quentin Guignard at quentin.guignard@fabi.up.ac.za. Please do not use commas when you fill your affiliation or other informations.