The MaPP offers a disease diagnostic clinic as a service to the macadamia industry. This provides a platform where growers can report pest and disease problems observed in the field. Additional objectives of this service include:


  • Monitor the impact of known pest and disease problems
  • Accumulation of data over time to shed light on the emergence patterns of specific pests and diseases
  • Ensure the early identification of new pest and disease problems
  • Improve capacity for pest and pathogen identification
  • Inform future disease research focus areas, both in terms of long and short term projects


Online submission: FABI Disease diagnostic clinic: Sample information sheet

Additional information regarding sample submission: Diagnostic sample submission



Common Diseases of Macadamia



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Stink bugs

Two-spotted stink bug

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Macadamia felted coccid (MFC)


 Macadamia Nut Borer


Husk rot


Rosellinia white root rot


Polyphagous shot hole borer

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Botryosphaeria dieback



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