Biodiversity is the essence of ecosystems to which the well-being of mankind is intimately linked. Biodiversity refers to diversity at many levels, including diversity within species as reflected in the diversity within humanity, to the diversity of different species that rely on each other within an ecosystem.

No other feature on this planet is as complex or dynamic and our current society is forcing it to change dramatically. A recent study by IPBES reports that as many as a million species are currently threatened with extinction. 

Many misunderstood scientific complexities can be better understood through the use of art. Art can provide new perspectives that enable deeper engagement and better understanding.

Art can be an incentive for communicating information to people while actively inspiring them to seek new understanding with open and curious minds. In biodiversity, art can raise awareness to the beauty we often overlook and conscientise us to our responsibility to conserve, protect and promote biodiversity. 

With such expansive human influences over biodiversity, we are creating tremendous impacts on the sustainability of nature and consequently affecting our very own well-being. It is urgent to find ways that will connect humanity to nature in ways that inspire and encourage learning and empathy, which are the first steps towards the action we need  to ensure the future sustainability of this planet.

Art provides us with this opportunity and in this collaboration between the Javett Arts Centre and FABI, we are taking a step towards inspiring action. 

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