Meeting of The Bark Beetle Mycobiome Research Network


26th - 27th Oct:  
Arrival at ORT Airport Transport will be organized for guests to Future Africa Campus of University of Pretoria
Sunday, 27th Oct:  
18:00 Welcome and wine tasting at FABI
Monday, 28th Oct:  
06:00 Depart for Bark Beetle Blitz field trip to KwaZulu-Natal
14:00 First collections of beetles in Nature Reserve
18:00 BBM research topics discussions
Tuesday 29th Oct:  
08:00 Field collections of bark and ambrosia beetles in forested areas surrounding the Richard’s Bay Harbour, and BBM research topics discussions
Wednesday 30th Oct:  
05:00 Depart for Hluhluwe Nature Reserve for field collections and game drives
17:00 Guided identification of samples collected from the day
Thursday 31st Oct:  
06:00 Depart for Pretoria
15:00 Tour of biological control facilities
Friday 1st Nov:  
08:00 PSHB Research Network workshop at FABI
15:00 FABI seminar (Jiri Hulcr: Pre-invasion assessment of bark and ambrosia beetles and fungi)
17:00 Public Zoom conference on PSHB and fungi
19:00 Dinner at Future Africa
Saturday 2nd Nov:  
08:00 Writing the White paper at Future Africa campus
  Evening off
Sunday 3rd Nov:  
09:00 Visit to The Cradle of Humankind
  Or relax at guest house
  Depart to ORT airport

Registration information

Please contact Dr Tuan Duong at should you need any additional information.