Advanced Phylogenetics Workshop


  • Advanced Phylogenetics Workshop 127 - 31 May
  • Advanced Phylogenetics Workshop 2: November (dates will be released in May)


The following is a broad outline of the topics that will be treated during the workshop:

  • File formats
  • Sequence alignments
  • Dealing with gaps
  • Everything about trees (phylogenetic)
  • Testing for partition homogeneity
  • Evolutionary models
  • Parsimony
  • Maximum likelihood
  • Bayesian phylogenetic inferences
  • Other interesting topics (e.g. molecular dating and hypothesis testing)


Experience will be gained in using the following software*:

  • BioEdit
  • PAUP*
  • jModelTest
  • FASTConcat-G
  • MrBayes
  • Tracer
  • TreeView

*Other software that are of value to the workshop will be demonstrated if time permits.

Prerequisite for attending the workshop:

  • Ability to operate in the DOS command line environment
  • Basic knowledge in phylogenetic analyses. Beginners workshops are available for researchers with no or limited background in phylogenetics. Please follow this link to get more information about introductory workshops.

Payment and registration:

The cost for this workshop is R 4800-00 (excluding VAT) per person and should be paid before the workshop commences.

Workshop 1
Closing date for registration of attendees outside of FABI: 6 May 2019
Closing date for payment: 20 May 2019**

Workshop 2
Closing date for registration of attendees outside of FABI: 1 October 2019
Closing date for payment: 1 November 2019**

**If no payment is received by the specified date, the applicant will lose their reservation.

**Cost of the workshop includes workshop material, light lunches each day and coffee/tea in the morning. Unfortunately, we can accommodate only 15 people per workshop.


For more information please contact Dr. Martin Coetzee (

Registration information

Please contact Prof. Martin Coetzee (

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