On Thursday 29 April, a small group of FABIans gathered to say an emotional farewell FABI stalwart and PhD candidate Darryl Herron who leaves the Institute after 14 years to take up a research position at Scion in New Zealand. FABI Director Prof. Bernard Slippers thanked Darryl for his significant contribution to FABI especially as a mentor and in promoting science communication. He made the point that Darryl has left a lasting impact on the institute and one that will have great value for many years to come. He wished Darryl well for this new chapter in his life and said made the point that this was a farewell and not goodbye. Attendees were reminded that Darryl had in the past won the coveted FABIan of the Year Award and that he had scooped many SPOOF Presentation Awards, to name but a few of his accolades. Professor Mike Wingfield also praised Darryl for his hard work and active participation in making FABI a success during his term as FABI Director. He commented that Darryl now joins the many FABI graduates who are scattered around the globe.  Adding that while FABI has a huge impact on research in the interests of the forestry and agricultural industries of South Africa (and beyond), the  primary function of the Institute lies in human capacity development, the education of students and mentorship. In this respect, it is inevitable that most young people entering FABI will eventually leave the institute. Darryl shared with the group a beautiful speech capturing his experiences in FABI and thanked everyone for their friendship and support, but especially his supervisors Prof. Emma Steenkamp, Prof. Brenda Wingfield and Prof. Mike Wingfield for believing in his potential as a young scientist.