People don’t often think about the fact that fungi can be infected with viruses.  In fact there are few researchers who have a focus on fungal viruses.  For FABIan, Prof. Brenda Wingfield, this interest started during her PhD, which was on killer yeasts, specifically wine yeasts infected with a virus.  "I have worked on a number of fungal viruses since my PhD but this has been rather difficult and time consuming," she explains.  The latest developments in nucleic acid sequencing, specifically RNA sequencing has changed this.  One of Prof. Wingfield's recent collaborations (with Dr Riikka Linnakoski) resulted in a publication documenting viruses in Armillaria species.  The success of this collaboration has inspired her to invest more time into investigating fungal viruses.  As a consequence she wrote a Conversion piece about fungal viruses and more recently was invited to do a podcast on Mycoviruses.