Prof Bitty Roy from the Institute of Ecology and Evolution at the University of Oregon, is on a two day visit to FABI, where she will also present a special seminar. Throughout her research career, Bitty's interests have been in the ecological and evolutionary consequences of fungi (pathogens and endophytes) in natural plant communities, as well as invasion biology and pollination biology. Her seminar in FABI focuses specifically on floral mimicry. Bitty has published more than 60 research papers in prominent journals like Ecosphere, Ecology, Science, Evolution, PNAS, New Phytologist, Trends in Plant Science, and Nature. Attached is one of her early publications, which featured as cover story for Nature.

Apart from presenting the seminar, Bitty made time for individual and group discussions with several staff members and students in FABI, which were both enjoyable and enlightening. On the photo Bitty (right) is on her way to lunch with FABIans Martin Kemler, Sarai Olivier, and Michelle Schroder.