FABI researchers have recently been undertaking intensive research to better understand a new and important disease of Kiwifruit in South Africa.  This disease is caused by a species of Ceratocystis and the research, led by Proff. Irene Barnes and Mike Wingfield, links closely to numerous other Ceratocystis research projects in FABI.  This research is being conducted on behalf of the South African Kiwi Growers Association who have supplied Kiwi plants to be used in establishing a routine protocol to screen Kiwi varieties being grown in South Africa for resistance to infection by Ceratocystis. In pursuit of this aim, members of the FABI team inoculated large numbers of Kiwi plants supplied by the SA Kiwi growers in a trial including a range of Ceratocystis isolates collected in South African Kiwifruit orchards.  This trial was terminated in mid-January, yielding outstanding results that will enable FABI Ceratocystis researchers to support South African Kiwi growers and to ensure that Ceratocystis wilt does not become a limiting factor to Kiwi production in the future.