FABI’s traditional monthly Tea party returned on 20 April after a 26-month COVID-induced hiatus. The Easter-themed tea was organised by the FABI social club under the leadership of Leandri Klynsmith and saw FABIans once again gathering in the courtyard where they were welcomed by Director Prof. Bernard Slippers.

FABIans were encouraged to dress up for the occasion following an Easter theme, which resulted in some interesting and unusual results. The FABI tea has been a  monthly event for many years members of FABI community have the opportunity to gather informally, enjoy some refreshments and get to know each other better. Social occasions such as this have been an important component of FABI’s activities and are particularly important given that team members are spread relatively widely across the University of Pretoria campus including those linked to the FABI Biological Control Facilities and Innovation Africa programmes. The Easter tea event was just one of these important occasions enjoyed by many as the photographic evidence shows.