The Serbian Institute for Field And Vegetable Crops in Novi Sad hosted a field day for the final day of the International Sunflower Conference on 23 June. FABians Dr Nicky Creux and PhD candidate Phrasia Mapfumo were amongst the  delegates greeted by a traditional group offering bread and salt in welcome. At the field day participants had the opportunity to see the newest sunflower cultivars on the market. There were also trials demonstrating the effects of different seed treatments or herbicides. This was an excellent environment for industry members and researchers to discuss the mechanisms behind the new technology and better understand the complexities of pest control. Visitors could also walk through the wild Sunflower species collections housed and maintained by the Institute. These lines are important for identifying wild beneficial traits that can be intergressed into cultivated lines. This research shows the benefits and importance of understanding the biodiversity of wild relatives for future crop breeding.