Professor Dave Berger was interviewed on the topic “Artificial intelligence in crop health monitoring” by PlaasTV / FarmTV, which is a YouTube channel targeted at local farmers. This was part of the series of interviews linked to the NSTF promotion of the UN-FAO International Year of Plant Health (IYPH2020). Dave spoke about (i) current research in the MPPI group on using Artificial Intelligence to identify maize leaf diseases in the field, (ii) broader initiatives at FABI in collaboration with Cropwatch Africa in crop health monitoring, and (iii) the importance of gene editing for the next generation of disease resistant crops.  On the latter point he highlighted ongoing discussions between academics and industry with the South African government about regulation of gene edited crops in a manner that stimulates innovation and is best for local food security.  The interview can be viewed on YouTube by clicking here and watching from minute 8:46 in this PlaasTV broadcast. It was also broadcast in the 05h00 session on Monday 25 July on Radio Sonder Grense (RSG).