FABIans are proud to congratulate Professors Brenda and Mike Wingfield who received the outstanding Hartig-Patterson Award at the recent IUFRO Division 7 Forest Health Meeting in Portugal Lisbon, 2022.

This new award was established to specifically recognize global contributions made to the field of Forest Pathology. The name of the award recognizes Robert Hartig who was a German forestry scientist and mycologist, and is considered to be the ‘Father of Forest Pathology’ for his foundational research into the etiology of tree diseases. Flora W. Patterson was an American mycologist and plant pathologist. She was the first female hired for these roles and is considered the ‘Mother of Forest Biosecurity’ for her pioneering work in plant quarantine.

It is very fitting that the leadership team of Division 7, including Dr Tod Ramsfield (Canada), Dr Beccy Ganley (New Zealand), Dr Julio Diez Casero, and Prof. Ecki Brokerhoff (Germany) announced the first recipients of this award would not go to one, but two very worthy recipients - both for their long-standing and outstanding contribution to forest pathology. In accepting their awards presented by Dr Beccy Ganley, both Brenda and Mike were clearly surprised yet delighted to be appreciated by a community of scientists with whom they have interacted and collaborated throughout their careers.