On November 7-8, 2022, an international group of graduate students (10 from FABI, and 10 from the USA) underwent training in microscopy techniques for visualizing morphology of ectomycorrhizal and arbuscular mycorrhizal structures in plant roots, in a laboratory in the Plant Science complex. Working in pairs, each student learned to recognize and describe ectomycorrhizal morphotypes under stereo microscope, to section and stain roots for visualizing defining characteristics of ectomycorrhiza, to sample ectomycorrhizal root tips for PCR and Sanger sequencing, and to clear and stain roots for visualizing arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi. The students used these techniques to compare mycorrhizal fungi among pine roots sampled from multiple contexts, including seedlings regenerating in plantations and donated from York Timbers, as well as roots of eucalypts and Acacia sampled in the field. The training session was organized and led by Dr Natalia Vargas (Los Andes University, Colombia) and Prof. Irene Barnes (FABI), and was part of a three-week graduate training initiative organized jointly between FABI and several international institutions, and primarily funded by the US National Science Foundation.