Opportunities to meet with colleagues sharing a common research interest are always appreciated by members of the FABI team.  During the last week in March, Prof. Mike Wingfield visited the city of Dehradun in India to attend IUFRO gatherings including a meeting of the Board and a linked symposium focused on landscape restoration. These meetings were held on the 450-hectare campus of the Forest Research Institute: Dehradun (FRI) established in 1906 and where facilities include the largest all-brick building in the world.  This remarkable structure, having a plinth of some 2.5km was constructed in the early 1920’s and provides facilities for research covering many aspects of forestry.  During the visit, Mike with fellow forest pathologist Dr Tod Ramsfield of the Canadian Forest Service had the opportunity to meet a number of Indian forest pathologists and to hear about some of their work.  They also had the opportunity to visit the Forest Pathology Museum, one of numerous museums of the FRI, that houses many remarkable collections of tree-infecting fungi.