As part of the NOVA PhD course, Prof. Dave Berger joined the field trip to the Flakkebjerg Research Station of Aarhus University in Denmark. They were hosted by Prof. Mogens Hovmøller who leads a long-term global wheat-rust research programme. Yellow rust is a high priority in this part of the world.  They were treated to a fascinating tour of how they deal with global submissions of rust disease material, and the exciting research they are doing to dissect the complete life cycles of these fungi. State-of-the-art glasshouse facilities ensure quarantine and maintenance of specific genotypes for their experiments. It was fascinating to see plants of the alternate host (Berberis sp.) which grows locally, as well as the striking uredinia and telia on heavily-infected wheat plants.  On a weekend trip to the island of Møn in Denmark, Dave also got to see uredinia of Gymnosporangium clavariforme on Juniper trees with the characteristic swelling of the infected branches. In addition, Dave was hosted by Prof. David Collinge in the Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences at the University of Copenhagen, where he gave a seminar entitled “Impact of raised CO2 levels on maize-grey leaf spot disease in Africa”.