On 21 April and 2 June, members of the GRP Diagnostic Clinic participated in Farmers Days in Sehlakwane and Legolaneng in the Limpopo province. On 14 June, the clinic also participated in a Farmers Day at Barberton in the Mpumalanga province. The purpose of their participation was to promote the clinic and make smallholder farmers aware of the diagnostic services the clinic offers to grain farmers across the country. It also aims to educate farmers, coordinators and government extension officers on how to identify foliar diseases in the field and how to differentiate them from the symptoms of nutrient deficiencies. They also promoted the idea of collaboration and communication between different sectors to optimise production.

The GRP Diagnostic Clinic would like to thank the members of Grain SA, Jerry Mthombothi and Dr Godfrey Kgatle, for inviting them to the Farmers Days.