The Executive Committee of Plant Pathology met for two days, Saturday and Sunday 19-20 August before the start of the International Congress of Plant Pathology in Lyon.  This is in preparation for the congress, discussing issues that need to be dealt with by the ISPP councillors at the council meeting and to discuss the five year plan for the Society. There are two FABIans who participated in this meeting, Prof. Brenda Wingfield and Prof. Teresa Coutinho.  Brenda is the out-going Secretary General of the ISPP and Teresa is the incoming Secretary General.

The Photo shows the out-going committee and the business manager (Andrea Masino) standing and the incoming committee seated.

Executive 2018-2023: President - Prof. Jan Leach (USA); Secretary General - Prof. Brenda Wingfield (South Africa); Vice President - Dr Khaled Makkouk (Lebanon);–co-Chairs ICPP2023 Prof. Nathalie Poussereau (and Vice President) and Dr Mathias Choquer (France); Treasurer: Dr Mathews Paret (USA); Immediate Past President - Dr Greg Johnson (Australia). 

Executive 2023-2028: President - Prof. Yong-Hwan Lee (South Korea); Secretary General – Prof. Teresa Coutinho (South Africa); Vice President - Prof. Laura Mugnai (Italy); Vice President and Chair ICPP2028 - Dr Andrew Geering (Australia); Treasurer: Dr Mathews Paret (USA); Immediate Past President, Dr Jan Leach (USA).