Traits associated with plant diseases and insect damage are predominantly categorical (e.g., yes=1 or no=0), following binomial distribution rather than Gaussian (normal) distribution. The non-normal distribution of traits requires unique analytical approaches, such as logistic regression and generalized linear models, to properly analyse such traits. In a half-day workshop on 5 December 5, Prof. Fikret Isik covered the fundamentals of statistics (Correlation, Regression, Chi-square, and F-tests), followed by logistic regression and generalized linear mixed models to analyse binary variables. The introduction of the theory was followed by demonstrations using the R packages. After each section, there were rich discussions and Q&A sessions to interpret the results. Students expressed their deep appreciation to Prof. Isik for sharing his experience and knowledge and said that they found great value from the workshop.

Prof. Fikret Isik, from North Carolina State University, spent 10 months at FABI as a Fulbright Fellow. This workshop is the final formal interaction with FABIans. We look back on a research visit filled with a number of workshops and formal talks, as well as numerous discussions in seminars and on various projects and collaborations. As FABIans, we look forward to building on this interaction and continuing to collaborate with Prof. Isik even more deeply than in the past.