Ms. Anna Oostlander, a PhD candidate at the Technische Universität Braunschweig presented a talk “Nerospora crassa and Diplodia sapinea: From a model organism to forest pathology” at the FABI Monday Morning Meeting on 27 November. The talk gave an overview of work on both Neurospora crassa and its link to work on Diplodia sapinea.  Anne was on a week-long visit to South Africa (along with Prof. André Fleißner) that also included a visit to York Timbers’ Sabie Mill, Klipkraal nursery and surrounding plantations. While visiting, FABI Director Prof. Bernard Slippers, Prof. Fleißner, and Anne Oostlander concluded and submitted a major proposal that would connect recently-established German networks with FABI and fund a number of PhD students and postdoctoral Fellows on a project to unravel the dynamics of mycobiomes in forests under climate change.