The forestry research team (including members of the Tree Protection Co-operative Programme - TPCP), the DST/NRF Centre of Excellence in Tree Health Biotechnology (CTHB) and the Forest Molecular Genetics Programme (FMG) enjoyed the pleasure of a visit by Sappi senior executives on Friday 21st November. The visitors included Mr Steve Binnie (Sappi Group CEO), Mr Alex Thiel (CEO Sappi South Africa), Dr Terry Stanger (Managing Director, Sappi Forests) and Dr Charlie Clarke (Manager Sappi Tecnology Centre). The primarly purpose of this visit was for Sappi top management to gain exposure to the multiplicity of forestry activities (tree disease research and extension, biological control of forestry pests, molecular genetics of forest trees and chemical engineering) that they support and from which the company benefits, at the University of Pretoria. The group visited various FABI facilities, the highlight of which was the FABI Biological Control Centre, to which Sappi has recently made a substantial financial investment for expansion. Opportunities to accentuate "connections" between FABI and other University activities and those linked to the Sappi Technology Centre on the Innovation Hub were also explored.