A Phylogenenomics Workshop was presented at FABI from 17 to 21 November 2014. This was the first time that such a workshop was presented at the institute, and as far as we know the first in South Africa. The workshop was coordinated by Dr Martin Coetzee (TPCP/CTHB, UP), and presented by Lisa Barrow (Florida State University, USA), Marike Palmer (CTHB, UP) and Dr Alastair Potts (Botany Department, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University). Lisa gave an overview of new technologies for generating genome data, and how these can be applied in phylogenetic, phylogeography and population studies. Marike dealt with hands-on tools to conduct phylogenomic studies, while Alastair presented and gave training in using phylogenetic networks. The workshop was attended by a selection of post-doctoral fellows and PhD students, all conducting their research at FABI. The workshop was a great success, and we are looking forward to the next one in November 2015.
Photos: (top) Lisa Barrow and Marike Palmer. (bottom, from left to right, front to back): Gerda Fourie, Dr Alastair Potts, Annie Chan, Marike Palmer, Dr Jane Wright, Dr Irene Barnes, Donghyeon Lee, Dr Magriet van der Nest, Quentin Santana, Dr Martin Coetzee and Dr Tuan Duong.

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