FABI was abuzz with activity when one of the large Carob (Ceratonia siliqua) trees in the courtyard toppled shortly after a short but severe mid-morning thunderstorm moved through the Tuks Campus last week. Staff and students quickly gathered around the tree to see what happened and were able to identify the primary cause as a wood decaying fungus, belonging to the genus Ganoderma. This fungus caused the roots to rot and thus weakened the tree’s root system which, along with wet conditions and a strong wind, resulted in it finally toppling. Fortunately no FABIan was injured and minimal damage was done to property. The tree was planted in 1998 when FABI 1 was built and has over the past 17 years provided shade for staff, students and visitors alike to enjoy on a hot summers day. While we mourn the loss of our shady friend, we look forward to a new tree being planted in its place which shall symbolize a new beginning and new growth!