The 2015 Plant Pathology Joint Meeting: LV American Phytopathological Society-Caribbean Division (APS-CD); XVIII Latin American Phytopathological Association (ALF) and; XVII International Congress and XLII National Congress of the Mexican Society, was held in Mexico City, D.F. Mexico from 19-23 July 2015.

The four-strong South African contingency (see photo) at the congress included past and present Fabians, Profs Pedro Crous and Terry Aveling, as well as Drs Ewald Groenewald and Lorenzo Lombard. The presented the following invited talks: 

Terry Aveling: "Advances in seed treatment technology"

Pedro Crous: "Are cryptic species real?"

Lorenzo Lombard: "Generic concepts in Nectriaceae"

Ewald Groenewald: "Barcoding quarantine fungi: Lessons from the European QBOL project and Q-bank database"