The 14th IUFRO Root and Butt Rot of Forest Trees conference was held in Turkey from 12-18 October and organised by Dr Tugba Doğmuş Lehtijärvi (Lüleyman Demirel University) and her team. The conference forms part of the meetings organised by the IUFRO Working Party 7.02.01 – Root and Butt Rot of Forest Trees. More than 60 participants attended the conference with FABI representative Dr Martin Coetzee of the TPCP and CTHB programmes being the only participant from the southern hemisphere.

During the conference researchers presented talks with the focus on root and butt rot of forest trees. Martin presented one of the keynotes, entitled "A global phylogeny of Armillaria root rot pathogens". In his presentation our current understanding of how Armilllaria species are evolutionary related, their biogeography and the origin of Armillaria were discussed.

In addition to the scientific talks, areas with trees affected by Heterobasidion (fungi in this genus cause root and butt rot on conifers in the northern hemisphere) were visited. Time was also provided to socialise and learn more about the cultures of people from different countries. The conference provided and excellent opportunity for FABI to broaden collaborations with researchers in the field of tree health. Tugba and her team are to be congratulated for organising a most memorable and successful conference.


1. Prof. Fred Asiegbu (previous visitor to FABI) explaining infection and disease caused by Heterobasidion sp. on Pinus brutia (Turkish pine).

2. Dr Tugba Doğmuş Lehtijärvi opening the 14th IUFRO Root and Butt Rot of Forest Trees conference.

3. Participants having lunch on their way to Fethiye.

4. Visit to the ghost town of Kayakoy, once a Greek populated village.