PhD student at Dartmouth College and FABI collaborator, Flora Krivak-Tetley, delivered a seminar at the institute on December 3. Titled “International comparisons of the population dynamics and the impact of the European woodwasp, Sirex noctilio”, Flora’s talk dealt with the various factors that influence Sirex woodwasp populations.
The talk covered aspects of Flora’s PhD study, which focuses on the impact of Sirex noctilio on pine forests in Argentina, South Africa, Spain and the United States. FABI is part of an international collaboration of scientists with the aim of controlling and managing Sirex invasions.
Flora highlighted the environmental and economic effects of Sirex invasions in different parts of the world. She said it was important to understand the conditions under which outbreaks occurred and the factors that contribute to tree deaths in some areas. These include, for example, stand density, the size of the trees and their defences against stresses.