Prof. Noelani van den Berg and Dr Bridget Crampton recently attended the European Plant Biology EPSO/FESB Congress from 26 -30 June in Prague in the Czech Republic. The congress covered a diverse range of plant-related topics including developmental biology, epigenetics, climate change, plant breeding and response to biotic and abiotic stresses. In addition, there were interactive sessions on science policy development, and “How to publish in Nature Plants”, as well as a “Women in Science” lunch hosted by Prof. Christine Foyer, who has made many research visits to the University of Pretoria and is well known to FABIans. 

The conference hosted 912 participants from 58 countries of which 13 attendees were from South Africa. Prof. van den Berg and Dr Crampton met up with old Fabians Prof. Karl Kunert and Anneke Prins at the conference.