In a spectacular show of colour and food, FABIans celebrated the arrival of spring at the annual FABI Spring Day Tea in the FABI courtyard. The event is one of several flagships celebrations in the FABI calendar – including the monthly teas, SPOOF and the Year End Function – organised by the Institute’s Social Club. The celebration was made even more special by an partial solar eclipse visible in Pretoria while the tea was in progress.

Prof. Bernard Slippers opened the celebration by encouraging all FABIans to embrace the renewal symbolised by the change in seasons and the diversity of plants not only in South Africa, but also more than 3,000 plant species found on the University of Pretoria campus. Prof Slippers thanked the Social Club for their deft and creativity in making the decorations that brightened the courtyard and added to the medley of flowers in bloom. He commended the team for embodying the passion, hard work and shared vision that steer all FABIans.