Danielle Roodt, a PhD student in FABI, has been selected to become a Plantae Fellow for the 2017-2018 period; the only African representative among a group of 35 scientists. Plantae is an online resource initiative started by the American Society of Plant Biologists to provide the plant science community with the most up-to-date information and advances in the field of plant biology. The Plantae platform focuses on science communication as well as disseminating the most recent publications to its community in the form of short summaries. It is also an ideal resource for scientists and others interested in plant biology to connect and interact with one another, and a platform to share their love and excitement for plant science with like-minded individuals.

Annually, Plantae selects scientists, spanning from graduate to Professor level, to aid in keeping the platform interactive and up to date, and to share what they are reading with a global community. For the next year, Danielle and the other Fellows will have the opportunity to enhance their writing skills, share their interests in plant science with others, and network and interact with international participants. More information about the Plantae platform can be found here.