FABI hosted a visit by Argentinian forest pathologist Sergio Ramos from the National Institute for Agricultural Technology (INTA) in Argentina. Based in Concordia, Sergio is co-responsible for the Phytopathology Laboratory and the Agrometeorological Station of the Concordia EEA and participates as a researcher in projects of the National Forest Program being primarily involved in characterising the main diseases of Eucalyptus. His Institute has recently launched a genome-wide association study looking for markers linked to Leptocybe resistance. He has been on a research visit with the Eucalytpus and Pine Pathogen Interactions (EPPI) Research Group at FABI for a few weeks to learn the GWAS approach that Ms. Lorraine Mhoswa, took during her PhD that identified seven SNP markers linked to Leptocybe resistance. This initiative is part of an Argentine-South Africa collaboration between INTA and the University of Pretoria’s Genomics Research Institute under the project “Omics strategies for breeding, bioenergy and food industry”. He also took the opportunity to present a special seminar entitled: Forest sector in Argentina – pests and diseases in Eucalypts” that outlined the major pest and pathogens problems facing he Argentinian forestry sector.