The South African Young Academy of Sciences (SAYAS) is an organisation which aims to give a voice to young scientists and helps bridge the gaps between science and society. One way to achieve both aims was to get young scientists communicating with society. In 2015, the SAYAS started a competition to find the best PhD bloggers in South Africa. The following year, they opened it to include the voices of Masters students.

Being an excellent opportunity for any young scientist looking to share their passion with a wider audience, Joey Hulbert entered and was selected as a SAYAS blogger in 2016. He wrote some insightful entries linked to the postgraduate experience, including why conferences are important, improving your science communication skills and protecting the Fynbos biome. Read it here.

Darryl Herron was selected to be a SAYAS blogger for 2018 and will write about his PhD and some of the experiences he has had and will go through during this year. His entry was submitted from his own personal blog and can be found here.