On Friday 9 May, almost 200 FABIans gathered secretly on the roof of the Plant Sciences Building for the 60th birthday celebration of the director of FABI, Prof Mike Wingfield. Prof Wingfield turned 60 on 21 April this year, but was travelling abroad during that time.In his absence, the FABI social club under the leadership of Dr Noelani van den Berg organized a surprise party for Mike. Mike was under the impression he was going to a meeting with the Dean of the Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, Prof Anton Stroh, when he walked out onto the rooftop to face a crowd of cheering and singing FABIans, accompanied by the saxophone of a FABI student, Alisa Postma. Prof Bernard Slippers and Prof Stroh congratulated and thanked Mike for his leadership role in FABI and the University. The FABIans collected donations and commissioned an artist to paint an oil painting as a gift to Mike. Both the painting and birthday depict the research passions of Mike, which revolves around fungi, insects and sick trees. More photo's of the event can be viewed in the gallery.