The recent International Congress of Plant Pathology made it possible for Prof Mike Wingfield and Prof Brenda Wingfield to visit with forest pathologist Prof William (Bill) Livingston (and his wife Ulrike) of the University of Maine.  Bill and Mike were fellow graduate students at the University of Minnesota from 1980-1983 and both studied with Prof Robert (Bob) Blanchette.  The short visit provided the opportunity for Mike and Brenda to learn more regarding insect pests and diseases in the Maine area where Bill conducts his research. Other than discussions on tree health matters (and the passing of years), Mike and Brenda were able to learn more about various diseases including Caliciopsis canker on pines which is of special interest. Mike was also excited to see a beautiful fruiting specimen of the conifer root pathogen Phaeolus schweinitzii, present, unquestionably introduced but little-known in South Africa.