Since 2001, Marié Theron has been the Information Specialist in the UP Department of Library Services tasked with providing support to FABI. In the early years the relationship between FABI and Marié already grew into much more than only a professional association. It became a friendship not only between an institute and a librarian; but at a personal level between people. This was the result of Marié's friendly, soft-spoken and kind personality, combined with an efficient, no-nonsense and highly professional work ethic. She was always prepared to help on short notice to get hold of that urgent pdf that one could not readily find online. 

Marié recently decided to move closer to her family down in the Western Cape, where she will take up a senior position in the library of the University of Stellenbosch. FABI thanked Marié for her years of support with a farewell tea in the FABI courtyard. In his farewell speech at the tea, Prof Mike Wingfield summarized Marié as somebody 'not only doing her job, but living her job!' Although we are going to miss Marié greatly, we wish her all the best for her move and hope that she will be happy in her new beginning!

Photo: Prof Brenda Wingfield, Marié Theron and Prof Mike Wingfield at the farewell tea. More photographs of the tea can be viewed here