During a recent visit  to Indonesia, a group of staff members and students of FABI were presented with a painting as a gift to FABI from Mr Rob Pallet, a previous member of the Board of the Tree Protection Co-operative Programme (TPCP) and now on the staff of the APRIL Forestry Group.  The beautiful painting of a Ganoderma sp. growing on a log is the work of Rosa Emelia who has lived and worked in Kerinci, Riau Province since 1994. This stems back to  the very early days of the town’s development. Her first employment was to prepare meals in a canteen for the contractor workers building new paper factory. Then she continued her career as a domestic helper and housekeeper for Rob Pallette and the others. Rosa’s hobby is painting and the Ganoderma painting was based on a photograph taken by Rob.  The painting was carried back to FABI by the  RGE-FABI Tree Health Programme team and presented to  FABI Director, Prof Bernard Slippers at a FABI Monday Morning Meeting. It will have a special place on the walls of FABI and add to the growing FABI art collection including works by FABIans and their friends.