During the past week (26-30 May 2014) the 20th Advanced Phylogenetics Workshop took place in FABI. The workshop was presented under the leadership of Dr Martin Coetzee with the assistance of Dr Jane Wright and Ms Marike du Plessis. Seventeen people participated, most of whom were PhD and MSc students from FABI, while three were from outside of FABI. The workshop provided attendees with hands-on experience in the different software that is currently used to infer phylogenies. The theory underlying the different phylogenetic methods was also discussed. These evoked enthusiastic discussions from the participants, with many contributing their points of view. Participants were also challenged to explain concepts that were earlier discussed to the rest of the group, which at many times lead to much laughing (but in a good way). The participants are wished the very best for their future phylogenetic studies and research, and we hope to see several publications in good journals where their newly acquired skills are applied.

Photo: A happy (but somewhat mentally tired!) group of participants after completion of the 20th Phylogenetics Workshop